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"WavePlane Electric A/S" DK-CVR 34 57 95 98

WPP A/S owns all patents and is shareholder in WavePlane Electric A/S (WPE). WPE is licensee and have solo rights for sale and productions world wide for the electric WavePlane.

WavePlane - the only device in the world that converts pulsating waves directly into a fast and even rotation without any moving parts.

The director of WPP A/S - Erik Skaarup is the inventor of the device WavePlane

Erik Skaarup is also the chairman of Danish Wave Energy Association www.wavenergy.dk

WPP A/S is a member of "CA OE" (Coordinated Action Ocean Energy) European Union - and a member of "Partnership for wave power" in Denmark.

Many pages behind this front page are older than 2004. Not all information’s are up to date but can be used to se still valid tests reports, pictures, and video and calculations sheets.



Principle of waveplane

Survival by flooded